When I went to Thailand, the first hotel we stayed at had True Spark and they played shows in English, Spanish and Japanese - maybe more, but I never saw them.

The Spanish one was odd o_o

And also we watched Gintama and D. Gray-man.

When the ending song for Gintama came on I was like “ermagerd” because I listened to it on the flight over there, I never knew the name and I can’t remember the singers name, but her surname was Takahashi? :S

And omg D. Gray-man O_O

Well we watched it at some ungodly hour so I don’t remember much and my mum would only let my brother and I watch the first few minutes. But there was this guy with a top hat and lots of butterflies and they all flew around being butterflies I guess but then Mr. Top-hat was all “IMMA TOUCH YO’ KOKORO” to Allen so yeah we watched a creeper touch his heart which wasn’t sensored e_e And then I think in another episode, a guy was chopped in half at his waist and he had bandages on his face and Lenalee, Allen and some other guy were sad and stuff.

If you can tell what those DGM episodes were then please tell me! OTL